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Derek Thompson units out to explain how Christian atonement works and where of Christ’s violent dying at the move. the writer says that any version of the atonement needs to fulfill the subsequent criteria.
1. improve the preaching of the gospel.
2. Accord with the entire diversity of biblical teaching.
3. Be in keeping with the great, gracious, holy and merciful nature of God.
4. motivate Christlike behaviour in Christians.
5. Be coherent, moderate, and ethical.
6. aid ecumenism and hold the truths present in the church buildings’ old atonement teaching.
Traditional atonement theories fall brief at a number of pints in this record and fail to have interaction effectively with the entire diversity of concerns, such as:
a) Human accountability for sin.
b) Forgiveness and reconciliation.
c) Justice and punishment.
d) Sacrifice and atonement.
e) Righteousness.
f) Goodness, mercy and holiness.
g) Evil in nature.
These lists outline the integrity and comprehensiveness of an atonement thought. the writer units a excessive general for his new version of the atonement yet proceeds to take advantage of a few unorthodox how to derive a version he calls Lumen Christi. the writer employs the instruments of severe reasoning and attracts on quite a lot of theological works in an cutting edge method of the matter. The version proposed is multifaceted, yet in contrast to others that try to mix the conventional theories, Lumen Christi takes a very assorted route.
The booklet is fantastically illustrated with Australian aboriginal art and encompasses a absolutely hyperlinked Scripture Index. The publication is one hundred seventy pages plus 102 pages of Scripture Index and finish matter.

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