HH Bhanu Swami's Bhagavat Sandarbha: With commentary of Jīva Gosvāmī PDF

By HH Bhanu Swami

ISBN-10: 1981082662

ISBN-13: 9781981082667

Bhagavat Sandarbha is the second one Sandarbha. After exhibiting in Tattva Sandarbha that the important facts between all scriptures is Bhāgavatam, Jīva Gosvāmī additionally indicated that the topic provided in Bhāgavatam is Bhagavān. This Sandarbha commences to explain Bhagavān, distinguishing him from Brahman and Paramātmā. because Brahman is in basic terms an incomplete consciousness of Bhagavān, a separate Sandarbha isn't really have to describe it. Paramātmā, besides the fact that, having distinct capabilities regarding production of the cloth international and manifestation of the jīva, is defined within the subsequent Sandarbha.

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